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How to Fix “Your Video is Partially Muted in Some Countries” Facebook Issue

Your video is partially muted in some countries on Facebook

The following article will show you how to solve the “Your video is partially muted in some countries” Facebook message.

Recently, many people posted on social media about the same issue of their videos being muted in certain countries. This is because of Facebook’s policy of broadcasting videos only to people in the same country where the video was uploaded. We will explain more about this policy and how you can fix this problem.

Facebook’s Video Policy states that the company only broadcasts videos to people who are located in the same country as where it was uploaded. A lot of people are not aware that they have to manually change their account location for this feature to work correctly for them. If you do not want your video content restricted by your country, then make sure you change your location before posting your content live on Facebook.

Here’s all the information about the note “Your video is partially muted in some countries” on Facebook.

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Why Facebook is Partially Muting My Videos in Some Countries?

Facebook has a problem with video muted in some countries where the sound is muted because it violates local laws. Facebook has now updated its system to automatically detect videos that are not audible and mute them from those countries.

This error message usually appears on Facebook-owned video platforms, including on Instagram.

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The error message arises when a video is uploaded on these platforms but is blocked in some countries.

Is the sound quality related to this matter?

No, the video’s sound quality is not related to Facebook videos being partially muted in specific countries.

What Can I Do to Restore the Video’s Sound Worldwide?

Fixing Facebook videos being par

One of the latest Facebook updates gives users the option to unmute videos that have been muted by the uploader as well as those that have been uploaded without sound.

It can also be a very small technical issue that has a quick fix to it.

  1. First, click on the three dots on the top right corner of your video and select Edit Settings.
  2. Then, click on Advanced, and uncheck “Mute in some countries” box under Audio Settings.

If the “Mute in some countries” box under Audio settings isn’t there, the issue might be associated with copyright infringement in some countries.

If there are any copyrights set on the video, then make sure they are set to “Public Domain” or “Creative Commons Zero” under the Video Settings menu.

If that does not work, then try turning off Facebook’s “New Audio Algorithm”.

Change your video’s privacy settings

The solution to this issue is to change the algorithm settings on the video’s privacy settings. This can be done by opening up the privacy tab of the video, clicking edit privacy settings, and selecting “worldwide.

Upload a different version of the video

You can upload a different version of your video for each country, but this is time-consuming and limits your audience size. Instead, try using Facebook Live to broadcast the Livestream on Facebook simultaneously which will solve the issue.

An alternate solution is to publish your video on YouTube first and then cross-post it to Facebook. YouTube has the advantage of allowing you to set default settings for all videos you upload without having to edit them individually.

Your Video is Partially Muted in Some Countries on Facebook – FAQs

Is my video violates Facebook’s policy?

Facebook’s policies are designed to keep its users safe and informed. The following Facebook guidelines can help you determine whether or not your video might violate Facebook’s policies.

What are the possible reasons for Facebook videos being partially muted in some countries?

When a Facebook video is uploaded, it gets converted to a number of formats. One such format is MP4 which has the support for AC3 and AAC audio codecs. These two codecs are widely used in various countries around the world. However, there are some countries where these codecs are not available. So when a Facebook video file is accessed from these countries, it will be partially muted and you will see a black screen instead of the video content.

There may also be reasons beyond the technical limitations for this partial muting of videos. One such reason could be that Facebook wants to comply with local laws and regulations that restrict certain content from being viewed in those regions or even prohibit YouTube altogether. Another reason could be that Facebook doesn’t have permission to broadcast this live event in those countries with the current audio file.

How do I know if my Facebook video is muted in other countries?

There are 3 ways that you can use to find out if the video will be partially muted in other countries. Here is an example of how this might work for a business.

  • The first way is using the Facebook API, which allows you to get information about your video’s reach on Facebook Pages or Audience Network ads.
  • The second way is by looking at the video description and viewing the settings for where it can be watched (i.e., audio).
  • The third way is by looking at the information that accompanies your Facebook post.

What should I do to prevent this?

To prevent this, there are a few things you can do. One option is to use an audio track for your Facebook video instead of the sound from the original video. The second option is to ensure that you have the rights to use any audio in your video or create an entirely new soundtrack for it.

How can I know which countries are restricted from playing the full audio?

For the Facebook (Meta) videos to be muted in a specific country, you need to check out the video’s metadata. Facebook has made an option available for creators of the video to add metadata for each of their videos. This metadata will include information about which countries are eligible to view this video.

Can this issue impact my business page?

Partially muted videos on Facebook can affect the performance of a Facebook page. When a video is muted it will not allow the video to be played in its entirety.

Muted videos on Facebook can result in a lower click-through rate and fewer views. It can also reduce the potential for engagement, including likes, reactions, shares, and comments.

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