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50 YouTube Audio Library Popular Songs to Check Out

YouTube audio library popular songs

YouTube Audio Library Popular Songs: Creating quality videos for Youtube is no easy task. In addition to filming and editing your video content, you will likely need to add music to make the video more engaging. The good news is that there are plenty of great songs available on the Youtube Audio Library for this purpose.

What is the YouTube Audio Library and Why Do Video Creators Use It?

The Youtube Audio Library is a special music resource that was launched in 2013. It was intended to provide video creators with copyright-free music they could freely use in their videos.

This copyright-free music is necessary as videos containing copyrighted songs can be flagged by the original copyright holders. Once this occurs, Youtube may perform a number of actions. This includes:

  • Demonetizing the video
  • Running third-party ads on the video
  • Muting the video’s audio
  • Removing the video entirely

Youtube channel owners who have received multiple copyright strikes may even get their channel removed in extreme cases. For this reason, video creators must rely on copyright-free music, such as the kind from the Youtube Audio Library for their videos.

How to Use the Youtube Audio Library

The Youtube Audio Library is quite straightforward to use. You can access it via the Creator Studio section in your Youtube account. Once in the Creator Studio section, you navigate to the Audio Library button. You can then view Free Music and Sound effects by clicking their respective tabs.

After clicking the Free Music tabs, you should see a list of song names along with their respective details such as artist name, length, genre, and mood. To preview a song, you simply need to hit the “play” icon next to the track name.

If you like the track you’re listening to, you can download it immediately by clicking the “download” icon. If you want to continue browsing for other tracks, you can always hit the star button to favorite the track and return to it later.

Browsing Through the YouTube Audio Library

If you are seeking a specific type of song for your video, you will be glad to know that the Youtube Audio Library offers multiple filter options. These are:

  • Genre
  • Mood
  • Instrumentation
  • Duration
  • Attribution


The genre filter allows you to filter out songs based on their genre. Some popular genre include:

  • R&B & Soul
  • Cinematic
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Dance & Electronic


Looking to add happy or sad music to your video? Then the mood filter has you covered. You can sort through song moods such as:

  • Bright
  • Dramatic
  • Happy
  • Sad


The instrumentation filter allows you to sort tracks based on the instruments used in their recording. For example, you can select the “Synth” filter if you want songs with a funky and futuristic feel that also prominently feature keyboards and synthesizers.


The duration filter allows you to specify your desired track length. For example, you can choose to find songs that are under 2 minutes in length with this filter.


The attribution filter lets you sort between artists who would like their work to be attributed and those that are fine with their songs being used without attribution.

The Youtube Audio Library is free to use.

50 YouTube Audio Library Popular Songs

Now that we have learnt how to use the Youtube Audio Library, you may be interested in knowing what the most popular songs on it are. The fifty most popular tracks in this library are:

  1. Colorful Flowers – Tokyo Music
  2. Over You – Acth
  3. A Magical Journey Through Space – Leonell Cassio
  4. Pixel Pig – Di Young
  5. Free Range – Mona Wonderlick
  6. The Clock (instrumental) – RYYZN
  7. First Light – Acth
  8. Summer Vibes – Mike Leite
  9. Mitsubachi – Smith The Mister
  10. Overthinking (instrumental) – RYYZN
  11. Underground Stars – Loxbeats  
  12. Fly away – Rexlambo  
  13. You & I – Soyb & Amine Maxwell  
  14. Intención – Sapajou  
  15. Riviera – Smith The Mister  
  16. Inspire – ASHUTOSH  
  17. Clocks – Smith The Mister  
  18. Nouvelle Lune – AWN  
  19. Fluffy – Smith The Mister  
  20. Cali – Wataboi  
  21. Soaring – Ghostrifter Official  
  22. Floating – Smith The Mister  
  23. Found You – Atch  
  24. Morning Station – Tokyo Music Walker  
  25. Superstar (Instrumental) – RYYZN  
  26. Sleepless Nights – Roa  
  27. Travel – JayJen & tubebackr  
  28. Malecon – Soyb & Amine Maxwell  
  29. Puzzle – Roa  
  30. Aural Nights – MusicbyAden  
  31. Nightfall – Roa  
  32. Fragments – AERØHEAD  
  33. When I Was A Boy – Tokyo Music Walker  
  34. Vacaciones – Mike Leite  
  35. Summertime – Tokyo Music Walker  
  36. Late to Rise (Feat. yobbzsmokedoutphonk) – Your Friend, Ghost  
  37. Swing Rabbit ! Swing ! – Amarià  
  38. Jetfire – Jeff II  
  39. Time Out – Atch  
  40. Woho, I Thought It Be Me & You (ft. Lily Hain) – Leonell Cassio  
  41. Let Go – tubebackr  
  42. Dystopia – Luke Hall  
  43. Journey – Atch  
  44. Gonna Sing – Peyruis  
  45. Eden – Onycs  
  46. Awakening – Rexlambo  
  47. Papaya – tubebackr  
  48. Far Away – Sarah Jansen  
  49. Freedom – Roa  
  50. Adventures – A Himitsu

Make the Most of the YouTube Audio Library

The Youtube Audio Library is a free resource that every video creator can benefit from using. So consider checking the list above or browsing their selection to find the perfect song for your upcoming video.

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